Welcome to the official Innerspirit Project web page.  Innerspirit Project is a jazz/funk Christian band that's goal is to bring a positive message through our music to everyone and provide music for the soul that takes you to that other place.


Innerspirit Project started in the 70's as Innerspirit with Dwayne Crenshaw on drums and his brother Marc Johnson on guitar/bass followed by Marvin Sheats on guitar/bass a few months later and Kirby Willis on bass soon afterwards.

We started out playing R&B then moved quickly into the world of Rock and Roll playing songs from Jimi Hendrix to Deep Purple and acquiring Jonathan (Corky) Meadows on keyboards.  Innerspirit then began to explore Jazz/Fusion.  We were totally inspired by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tony Williams Lifetime, Brand X, Chick Corea and Return To Forever, Herbie Hancock and many more jazz/fusion artists. 

Innerspirit went through a number of personnel changes through the years eventually disbanding.  Fast forward over 20 years later; three of the original members of Innerspirit decided that we needed to make music again.  Innerspirit began to pretty much pickup where we left off but with one change...

Innerspirit is now called Innerspirit Project

Innerspirit Project is a jazz/funk Christian band that is geared to bringing positive messages in our music to everyone.  Our goal is to provide music for the soul that takes you to that other place. Please check back often for updates and music links.  We are currently working on our first CD Project.  More information will be available as we move forward.

Thank you for checking out our site and please feel free to sign our guest and mailing list so that we can keep you up to date.

 Innerspirit Project  

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord”

— Psalm 100